Fashion is not just about the clothes we wear. Fashion is all about our whole personality. It is simply how we confidently wear clothes fashionably. Sometimes, our skin is a big factor in how we carry ourselves as we wear those different colors in our fashion statement.

So here are some simple tips to make your skin look fairer in different natural ways:

1. PUT CITRFORTUNELLA MICROCARPA EXTRACTS ON THOSE DARK AREAS. Citrfortunella microcarpa is somewhat related to the lemon or mandarin and sweet orange that is more familiar for us. It is endemic in the Philippines as a fruit that is extracted and consumed as a juice. It has a sour taste that it can also become an alternative for vinegar. However, what is more fascinating about calamansi is that it has some special characteristics that can make your skin whiter or fairer. This fruit is known to give you the best results if you use it often. You can use the raw fruit by cutting it into two (2) pieces and then rub it on the dark areas of your skin such as in the knees, elbows, arms, and even on your underarms. You might as well try to blend the fruit in a blender. Then place the extracts on a soft and clean towel. Then rub the towel to the dark areas of your skin. It is that simple and easy to use.

2. PAPAYA FACE MASK. Papaya or most commonly known as papain is a natural skin whitening and exfoliant. It has its natural properties that can make your skin surprisingly glowing. It is best to try making a do it yourself (DIY) procedure in making a face mask out of papaya. This is really simple and you will not need a blender or juicer to do this. Just simply mash the fruit and spread it on your face. Just leave it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes to get the best results. Try this at home for at least three (3) times a week.

3. EGG WHITE AS FACE MASK. Do you often throw away the egg shells when you cook? Well, you might just have second thoughts on doing that right after you read this. Egg whites have a lot of benefits for your skin especially for your face. By simply spreading the egg white from the egg that you have cooked for this morning’s breakfast, you will have a fairer and younger-looking skin. Use it as a face mask and you will see the difference right after using this technique. It does not only make your skin whiter, but it also makes your pores tighter.

4. TRY LIVING IN AN AIR CONDITIONED ROOM. There are a lot of speculations and theories about living or staying often at an air conditioned room. Nowadays, especially in places with a really hot climate, ACs are very much important. This has become a necessity for all of us. This does not only protect you from the heat of the sun, but it also makes your skin fairer and moisturized. Staying at an air conditioned room gives you the shelter from too much exposure of the heat of the sun. Going out makes you think that it is not good because it is too hot. That is why you tend to stay at home instead rather than deciding to go outside. It will also keep your skin moisturized and soft. This is why your skin would look a lot fairer. So what are you waiting for? Call the best tampa air conditioner installers near you.

These are just some of the basic tips in achieving to have a skin that looks fairer, whiter, and younger. You can experiment a lot from these tips and you can give these tips a try. Having those synthetic and unnatural products in the market is too passé, so try doing some natural steps to make your skin not only fairer but healthy inside and out.


Fashion nowadays has become a necessity. Plain, boring, old clothes are already cliché. Today, the trend has become a little bit revolving and further changes from time to time. If you are one of those gals or guys who are into making a fashion statement and love to make experiments on clothing and accessories, why not make your hobby something that you can make profit from?

People have become more conscious about their clothes especially those who are in the corporate world. Your fashion statement need not be expensive at all times. You just need to know how to play with those colors and experiment with those old clothes that you have.

There are a lot of people who seek to have a wonderful kind of fashion. Whether they are too old, or too young, fashion never goes out of style with these ages. So having a business such as having a boutique, has become a profitable kind of business.

So here are some great ideas that can help you in starting your own boutique.

1. FIND THE RIGHT LOCATION. Searching for the right venue where you can exhibit your wonderful clothes can be a bit tricky. But there is only one principle about looking for the right and perfect place for your boutique. Make sure to place your boutiques in a place where there might be a lot of interested customers. You can have one in front or nearby schools, colleges, or universities. Students from colleges and universities are quite more conscious about how they look. So it will be a good venue for you to share it to these potential customers what you have got inside that wonderful boutique. You also have an option to have it near the offices of different corporations. Young people who work at these different companies might explore your shop since they badly need good corporate attire for work. They can have those classy clothing that you can offer. Moreover, you are sure that these people can surely afford the price of your store.

2. MAKE IT OPEN FOR EVERYONE. An ambiance of a store that is open for everyone would surely lure a lot of customers in your shop. They can easily access your store and they would feel comfortable about it. Make sure that the people who will work at your shop would have a principle of being friendly so that the customers would love to go back from time to time. The aura of a store that can give comfort and ease to the customers is a plus! You would surely have plenty of customers in no time.

3. WELL VENTILATION. You should invest in making a good place for your shop. Make sure that it is well ventilated with a high quality air conditioner. You might seek help most especially from experts who can install it correctly. Because there are some installations that would cause you more expense if it is not properly installed. So if you have a good ventilation in your shop, you would not find a problem about your customers hating going to your shop because of the heat and uneasiness that its ambiance have.

4. INVEST WITH HIGH QUALITY FURNITURE. A furniture can make your customers feel at home. This is really helpful for men who do not have the leisure in shopping. But of course, men are forced to stay to wait for their girlfriends, or friends who needs to shop. So give them their space where they can be comfortable while waiting. Moreover, having those high quality furniture is a good investment as it will add more life to your shop. It will give your customers the impression that this is a shop that they would need to go back to. It will give them peace and comfort after dealing with their stressful work as they pass by at your shop.

5. CREATIVE TAGS. When you are selling fashionable clothes and accessories, make sure that you will have a unique icon. Start from creating unique, gorgeous, cute tags. There are a lot of customized tags nowadays. There are some artistic tags that you can make and you can totally do it yourself. These tags will surely bring pride to the clothes that you sell. Tags are very important for customers as it will reflect that your clothing are in good condition and are surely high quality.

6. INDULGE IN ONLINE BUSINESS PLATFORMS. Nowadays, customers are very techy. That is the reason why you have to go with the trend and give them their interest. Provide them an accessible way of shopping. Advertise the clothes you sell online. It could be on twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr, and even on youtube. Be creative and exhaust all the means for you to have a successful business. You can simply take a photo of the new arrival of clothing and post it online one by one. It can surely give access to your customers. They can easily select the clothes that they are interested with, and then they can check it in person as they visit your store.

7. CREATE A THEME. Having a particular style in your boutique would give a unique ambiance to your shop. It will give the customers the notion that your store is not like all the other mainstream shops in town. You can have a theme every month or every occasion. You can have a boho theme if you like, or any other themes that interest you. Give them a little bit more of everything in your shop. Make it simple, but make it elegant and unique as well.

Your shop is not just about clothes. Make it a shop that will be all encompassing. Sell everything that is interrelated with fashion. From make ups, costumes, accessories, perfumes, bags, hats, eye wears, shoes, and clothes. Make it a one stop shop for your customers so they will not worry where to go whenever they need something for special occasions or for just simple events and for their everyday clothing.

These are just some of the basic tips that you should do as you start your business. You need to exhaust the most creative ways in order to compete with other fashion boutiques. Make sure that your shop would have the edge over those other competitors. Just simply survey from the customers what they want to see and what do they expect so that you will have an idea of what they want. Once you get their interest, they will coming back to shop for more at your boutique.



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